Open Future 
Open Future stands for : expansion of human consciousness, information exchange, resonance experience en new economics.


We are delighted to welcome you to our symposium "Open Future".

During this event international speakers will challenge you to look in a different way at history of humanity, our well-being and possibilities for economic progress from a brand new perspective.


You will meet some inspiring visionary thinkers who are dedicated their lives to find answers to the most crucial questions we face today.


As example, exploring the concept of resonance as a possibility for harmonising, healing and revitalizing the entire human system or considering new economic models that can already be implemented and available to everyone.

Come to our symposium with an open mind and  a curious, inquiring spirit. Be inspired and be touched by the possibilities of NOW.


Open yourself to information that goes beyond the limitations of your brain’s cognitive capacities.

Information exchange finds its own way effortlessly,  along a path of least resistance when you are in a state of open- mindedness and  curiosity. 


We want to encourage you to think for yourself, to see the big picture, to let yourself be inspired by the story you are being told.

A new perspective on information exchange is an energy exchange  according to a multidimensional perspective


These are our special speakers and performers on this day: 


De Wetstraat 24

6814 AP Arnhem

De Vliegende Olifant

Jeannette Uittenbogaard

Harry Geurkink

+31 6 14 11 70 58


Taira Seifaddini

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